Time Is Everything in Business: Get Out of Reaction Mode and Get Intentional About Building the Life and Business You’ve Always Wanted

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Are you often caught up doing day-to-day, urgent tasks for your business? Do you find you lack the time to focus on areas that will grow and scale your company? If so, you’re not alone. You’re likely stuck in reaction mode—and that creates a lot of stress for business owners. It’s probably one of the most common reasons businesses fail to grow and scale. There’s simply not enough time to react to every situation and build a meaningful path forward.

What is reaction mode?

Looking at neuroscience and the brain, existing in a state of reaction means fight-or-flight chemicals are constantly firing. When you’re in reaction mode, it’s nearly impossible to think creatively or effectively deal with the mundane, unavoidable problems that occur in daily life. Reaction mode is simply reacting to stimuli. And when you think about it, you’re probably spending more time in reaction mode than you’d like.

Why? The workplace is filled with distractions. The average office worker in the United States gets interrupted as often as 11 times per hour or almost every six minutes. These distractions cost businesses in the United States around $588 billion every year. Plus, the average worker also spends 51% of every workday on low to no value tasks.

How to make a change for the better

The problems and challenges you’re facing now in scaling your business can only be solved by getting into creation mode. When people ask us: what is the difference between clients who are finding success and fulfillment in their lives, we specifically say: spending more and more time in creation and staying out of reaction. Spend more time shaping your life and less time reacting to it. This allows you to be in control and focus on scaling your company.

If you want to create the ideal life or business by design, then it’s about focusing on areas that bring you the most happiness and fulfillment. Of course, that’s different for each person, but getting out of reaction mode requires some intentional thought about how you can build the life you’ve imagined or the business you want.

Start by asking yourself: what aren’t you doing right now that would give you more richness, purpose, and fulfillment? Put together a list of the high-impact areas of your life and business that you would need to focus on to design the life and business you want to create. Then, the key is to not prioritize your schedule but to schedule your priorities. If you enjoy reading, for example, schedule time for you to do more of that, uninterrupted.

TWR can help you get there

TWR’s coaches help leaders like you succeed, so you can work more productively and manage your time, so your business can grow and scale. Remember, the seemingly easy things to change are not always easy when you’re a leader. That’s why so many owners and managers fail to do them. TWR can help you overcome barriers to quality leadership with proven strategies that allow you to better connect with employees—and manage your bottom line.

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